ATYA focuses on improving access to education for Tanzanians. It has completed a number of infrastructure programs including classroom construction and renovation, as well as provision of water to schools through the drilling of water wells.

About Us

ATYA has provided Tanzanian Curriculum text books, to assist in the delivery of quality education, and has facilitated and funded several professional development courses for Tanzanian teachers.

ATYA provides a platform for young Australians and young Tanzanians to link with their peers across the other side of the Indian Ocean. These links help students in Tanzania and Australia build a better understanding of the world beyond their own borders.

Since 2008 a number of Australian and Tanzanian students have participated in bilateral conferences sharing ideas and strengthening relations.

Education Resources

Education Resources

Through the Australia Tanzania Society donations are raised to build waterwells, classrooms and supply under-resourced Tanzanian Schools with learning materials like textbooks, chairs and desks.



Many schools in Tanzania have no on-site access to clean water. Children can go a whole school day without access to water for drinking or for sanitation purposes like hand washing and toilets. A waterwell in the school not only provides clean water for the pupils and teachers, but can be used by the whole community. This saves hours a day that would otherwise be spent collecting water and has wider benefits for health, livelihoods and general wellbeing.

We've drilled 17 waterwells and counting. We've also provided clean water for three more schools where we have rehabilitated their water supply. It costs $6,500 to drill a waterwell that will give around 2,000 Students access to clean water, plus it is also available for the wider community.

Professional Development

Professional Development

ATYA is developing a model for capacity building in education through an international teacher exchange program.

In 2011 ATYA funded a professional development course in Tanzania, which was delivered by leading teachers and academics from Western Australia. The conference was held at the Kurasini Centre in Dar es Salaam as well as in ATYA schools in Tanzania over a period of six weeks.

A further professional development course was run in Geita (North Western Tanzania) in March 2014, focusing on Science Education.

In May 2014, three Tanzanian teachers were brought to Perth to spend six weeks in Western Australian Schools to further their professional development. These teachers are passing on their newly acquired skills and knowledge to other teachers in Tanzania.

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